We love this Fisher 25 blog, it’s full of info about the realities of living with an older Fisher. As passionate Fisher Owners we get to share in their stories and there’s usually much ‘head-nodding’ when we read of some of the issues that are common on the older boats. And sometimes we’re blown away by the ingenuity of some owners in fixing these ‘issues’. Obviously living with any older boat has it’s trials and tribulations, but it’s amazing to see how the older Fishers are holding up – these are incredibly strong and well made boats that really do stand the test of time if they’re looked after.

Take a look at this great blog about Antares – a Fisher 25: https://fisher25.wordpress.com/

We absolutely love what her owners are doing with her… she’s looking fantastic. The classic biscuit beige is gorgeous on this Fisher 25 and she’s topped off nicely with some classic maroon sails.

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Fisher 25: Antares