Safe Guarding The Future of Fisher Yachts

Fisher Yachts Ltd (trading as Fisher Yachts International) was recently founded by David Skellon, the man who first started the Fairways Fishers in the late 60’s. He was the original Founder of FAIRWAYS MARINE which built and sold several hundred Fishers Worldwide throughout the following decade.

Fishers, today have now become highly praised and loved International Yachting Icons.

Using Fisher Yachts Ltd, David has now bought the existing Fisher moulds and project in partnership with Neil Fernando of Neil Marine in Sri Lanka, one of Asia’s largest and most experienced Yacht Builders that not only builds some of the top European yachts currently on the International Market, but actually built some of the original Fishers for Fairways Marine.

During the intervening years, David later moved to the West Mediterranean and became one of the Italian Ferretti Group’s top Distributors, gaining firsthand experience of the very highest level of quality production, design, styling and engineering excellence. David plans to use this experience to sympathetically update the Fisher Family with Neil Marine as Builder and Partner in harmony with David Freeman, one of the original Naval Architects.

Importantly – these days – Neil Marine, being well established in Asia can offer National Bank Guarantees upon building contract fulfillments.

David is also seeking to establish suitable Sales and Service Agents and Dealers to become appointed globally in co-ordination with the overall Marketing plan. This programme is managed in house by Fisher Yachts Ltd. which is now has an operating base upon the River Hamble near Southampton, UK – where Fishers started.

At this time Fisher Yachts International invites:

  • New boat Sales enquiries from prospective Buyers – Worldwide. Contact:
  • Brokerage enquiries – Worldwide. Contact:
  • Enquiries from professional Sales and Service Dealers and Agents – Worldwide. Contact:
  • Input from existing Fisher Owners – pertaining to updates and design improvements. Contact:
  • Collaboration with the Fisher Owners Associations Worldwide. Contact:
  • Input from existing Fisher Owners – for suitable publicity boat photos and stories. Contact:
  • Sales and Service enquiries from existing Fisher Owners – Worldwide. Contact: