Getting to Know the Fisher Brand

Fisher Yachts are not just another yachts. They are an impressive production that has dominated the sailing world decades after decades. When it comes to yachts designed for open water, coastal cruising, and a wonderful sea experience, you can count on us at Fisher Yachts to deliver. And not just deliver but deliver exceptionally.

Today, we stand as one of the leading brands when it comes to Motor Sailers. We are not just producers of just another motor sailer. Instead, we are producers of a design that is widely considered as one of the best to grace the industry. Wherever you are going, at Fisher Yachts, we pride ourselves in our yacht’s ability to get you to your destination.

We hardly need to remind anyone what the Fisher Yachts brand is all about. Our result for over five decades speaks volume for us. Even more, we have maintained a design that stands us out. So, wherever our yachts are, you can always tell that you have got a fisher yacht around. We achieve this with our wheelhouse that takes a professional appearance and our Danish looking hull. Our high freeboard, rounded stern, and double mast are other distinctive feature that allows anyone to identify this piece of excellence any time, any day.

Our History

Fisher Yachts first came to life in 1969 thanks to the actions of David Skellon. This was under the management of Fairways Marine. Throughout the 1970s, Fairways Marine, under his management, designed a wide range of yachts that appealed to the yachting community. In little or no time, Fisher Yacht was not just another brand. Instead, it was an international brand that proved to be effective and durable.

In time, David left the management of the group. While Fisher Yachts was no doubt with management, it did not experience the same development and growth that David’s passion brought to the company. Yes, it acquired a wide range of first-class boats. However, there was still something missing. Fisher Yachts continued to change hands until it ended up back with David.

Now with this reemergence, Fisher has gone from strength to strength. Our design, known for its suitability for a wide range of weather conditions, has witnessed a new lease of life.

He has also brought to the table his experience with the Italian Ferretti Group where he was one of their top distributors. This level of experience about high-quality design, styling, engineering, and production has now become one of the key assets of Fisher Yachts. With this knowledge, David has contributed to a vast improvement in the various processes associated with Fisher Yachts.

In turn, Fisher Yacht has witnessed improvements in its interior designs and styling and build quality. However, with a full understanding of the origin of Fisher Yachts, David Skellon has ensured that its roots remain prioritised. This is why David Freeman’s exterior design continues to lead the way with Fisher Yachts. The result is a high-quality product that can stand the test of time and provide exceptional seaworthiness to all buyers.

Fisher Yachts now partners with Neil Marine, to enjoy an incredible and functional production facility. While located in Sri Lanka, Neil Marine is among Asia’s biggest boat builders. They continue to produce top-quality boats to a wide range of European brands. We are glad that the Fisher family gets to partner with them and ensure that you get value for investment with us.

At Fisher Yachts, our vision is to retain our status as a leading manufacturer of motor sailer in the world. We want to be the first name that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of high-quality and top-notch yachts.

Our vision is our plan for the future. However, our goal as we grow is to ensure the following. This way, we can be in line to realise our vision. Our mission is as follows:

  • To consistently produce high-quality boat for the international community at large
  • To redefine the limits of our designs through constant innovation
  • To engage and secure partnerships that enable us to deliver results each time with our yacht
  • To prioritise cost-saving mechanisms as long as they do not affect the high-quality that defines our yachts
  • To provide comfort, power, security, and a great experience for all who sail in our Fisher Yachts

We consistently commit ourselves to various values. These values are the core of our service delivery and guides every of our action. These values include:

We place our clients first in all our activities. We gear our design to ensure that they can get the best experience possible.

We do not believe in anything short of excellence. As such, we commit ourselves to high-quality delivery that fits our standard of excellence.

We are committed to constant innovation. We ensure that you can always receive better with us than you did yesterday.