The Compact Build – The Fisher 25

It is not just enough to own a yacht. You need something that gets the job done dependably. And, of course, promises durability. This is only when it makes sense to invest considerably in a yacht. At Fisher Yachts, we have all this covered. We bring exceptional craft, durability, and professionalism to life with our designs. One option that allows us to do this is the Fisher 25.

Getting to Know the Fisher 25

The Fisher 25 is one of our premium offerings at Fisher Yachts. It stands as the smallest boat option that we offer. However, you can count on it to deliver the capacity and functionality that will satisfy all your needs. Our design here allows you to not only get an exceptional coastal cruiser, but it also allows you to enjoy longer passages.

With this option, you do not have to worry about the absence of space. While this is our smallest yacht option, our design still ensures that you can feel like you are in a bigger boat. We further complement this with a performance that eradicates all doubts even if there was one. It is a perfect pick if you are looking to reduce the size of your yacht but still maintain the style and quality that you have gotten used to.

This option also comes with a transom stern, although not a canoe that ensures you enjoy a comfortable and large cockpit. This way, you can relax and work your sails in the best possible conditions.

Our Fisher 25 also comes with a modernised interior layout. This specification and layout is one that will leave you impressed. This is thanks to its thorough, simple, yet elegant design. This option is a result of years of experience producing results and ensuring that clients can enjoy a seaworthy and capable cruising yacht.

With our Fisher 25, we provide the best of all available features. We begin with a compact design that allows you to enjoy a smaller yacht. Even at this, we ensure that you can feel like you have got a spacious boat with our intuitive design.

Our design then extends to optimal strength and performance that ranks better than other alternatives within the same range. Then, you enjoy adequate power that supports this yacht for blue water and coastal cruising.

With more than 250 creation under this category, we bring experience to the table like never before. Our 40 years plus of excellence lends full credence to our ability to deliver.

We are committed to providing value for your investment. We achieve just that and more with the Fisher 21. If you are interested in the Fisher 21, we are available to provide it for your use. You can contact us today for more information.