Functionality and Excellent Design – Fisher 34

When it comes to yachts, there is hardly room for error. From its hull lines to its power, and design, optimal delivery is critical if you must get value for money. At Fisher Yachts, we recognise that this task is crucial and remains our full responsibility. As such, we do not just focus on one aspect of the yacht. Instead, we ensure that you can enjoy premium quality and functionality across all areas. One option that allows us to achieve this is Fisher 34.

Getting to Know the Fisher 34

The Fisher 34 is one of our yacht offerings that bring to life our commitment towards excellent design and better functionality. Since 1978, we have built over 100 yachts from this category, making it one of our most successful design. This option comes with every traditional feature and virtue that characterised the first Fisher concept.

However, it then gets better. With the Fisher 34, we provide and improve on the original concept. You can also count on it to be not just one improvement, but a series of improvements that continue to happen even till today. You can always see our 1995 MK III see just how far we have come from the original concept. Today, we boast a full-fledged concept with figurative wings that ensures you get the very best of the bargain with Fisher 34.

The Fisher 34 comes with a standard ketch rig. However, it provides the option of a sloop rig that will allow you to enjoy double doors. This way, as you get into the cockpit, you enjoy the feeling of spaciousness and never feel cooped up.

This yacht can cater to the sleeping needs of as much six people while providing extraordinary comfort. This is thanks to its double aft quarter cabin and double fore cabin placed just below the wheelhouse. It is an optimal design that guarantees space at all times. For instance, you can convert the seating area of the Fisher 34 into a double berth.

One thing that sets the Fisher 34 apart from the rest is its wheelhouse. It comes with generous seating that effectively functions as a deck salon. It also ensures that the boat enjoys a warm and safe environment irrespective of bad weather. It also comes with a design that allows for easy maintenance. This way, you have to do little to keep the boat in the perfect possible condition.

When sailing, the Fisher 34 ensures that you get the most beautiful experience. It then complements this with adequate power that ensures nothing is lacking. With its 75 h.p. engine, sailing has never been better.

We are committed to providing value for your investment. We achieve just that and more with the Fisher 34. If you are interested in the Fisher 34, we are available to provide it for your use. You can contact us today for more information.