Thorough, Versatile, and Powerful Design – Fisher 37

While efficiency is desirable, that is not all that sets a yacht apart. Durability and dependability are two things that come to mind when you think of a yacht. Even more, while the interior and exterior design do not impact result, you also want something that qualifies as aesthetically pleasing. These and others are what makes a yacht a modern option. At Fisher Yachts, we fully recognise this need, and we deliver all this and more with the Fisher 37.

Getting to Know the Fisher 37

The Fisher 37 is one of our yacht offerings that bring to life our commitment towards a large, powerful, and functional motor sail. Following its introduction in 1973, we have gone on to build over one hundred and forty yachts under this category. As such, you can count on us to bring experience to the table as we build you a yacht.

One thing that comes under this category is constant development. Since the first Fisher 37, our build has witnesses varying and considerable changes. We continue to evolve to ensure that we truly offer only the best designs. With the Fisher 37, we do not take anything for granted as we deliver.

One thing that sets this option apart is power. It comes with an outstanding 100 h.p. engine. This ensures that you can get to wherever you want as long as you are in this boat. Even more impressive, you will get to reach your destination in comfort and safety with the Fisher 37. You will not need to look long to find our Fisher 37 across various oceans of the world.

Also, with the Fisher 37, you get a well-refined sail plan. The good news is that this is not a result of just one week of the activity or one decade. Instead, it is a result of almost four decades of experience. Well, that is why you get standard cutter ketch rig with bowsprit. This way, you can count on powerful performance without compromising the ease of handling.

This design also comes with an extensive cabin and saloon area. You can also house as much as six individuals with its two single berths inside the fore cabin. You also get a big double berth inside the aft quarter that makes this easier. You can then get more space by converting the settee inside the saloon to another double berth.

With this option, you can be sure that we have accounted for every single detail. This is a thorough design that allows you to achieve all your sailing goals in convenience, comfort, and security. So, whether you need to sail long-distance, or you need power for speed, you can count on the Fisher 37.

We are committed to providing value for your investment. We achieve just that and more with the Fisher 37. If you are interested in the Fisher 37, we are available to provide it for your use. You can contact us today for more information.