Getting Easy Access to Yacht Finance

Getting your dream Fisher Yachts is something that should come easy. However, this can become challenging thanks to the absence of adequate cash. Thanks to the cost of the yacht, making a one-off payment can pose a financial challenge for you. However, that does not have to be the case anymore. You can now avoid the financial difficulties and get straight to buying your preferred yacht.

At Fisher Yachts, we have got you covered with our yacht finance. We ensure you can get access to the most comprehensive loan type. This way, there is no delay in your purchase due to financial difficulties. We ensure that your financial difficulty does not stop your ability to get the loan.

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What is Yacht Finance?

While you might be wondering what we do with our yacht finance, here is what you need to know. Yacht finance is the tool through which we offer financing options to individuals so they can purchase their preferred fisher yachts.

In most cases, our yacht offering runs into thousands of dollars. This can make it difficult for you to afford its purchase. However, we provide a solution for cheap yacht finance. Through this, we connect you to willing lenders who provide the cost price to you. In turn, you can use this money to make the purchase.

In return, you commit to repaying the loan amount and servicing it with interest rate. This loan can then span as long as seven years, depending on the agreement. Now, once you complete repayment, you are good to go, and the finance agreement comes to an end.

Types of Financing Options

If you are looking to finance the purchase of a yacht for personal use, there are two available financing options. They are:

  • Secured Yacht Finance
  • Unsecured Yacht Finance

This is a finance option where you obtain the loan by providing security. This security can be in the form of any other asset or the yacht itself.

With the first option, you provide an asset from the beginning of the negotiation. Typically, this asset is one of high value and can service the loan amount in the event of your failure to repay. You then enter into an agreement that allows the lender to have a lien on the asset. Following this, the lender provides the money to you, and you can go on to buy the yacht.

With the second option, you get to negotiate with the lender without providing any asset from the beginning. However, you agree to give the lender a lien over the yacht you intend to buy with the loan amount. Now, once you agree, the lender provides the money. Then, once you buy the yacht, you execute an agreement that makes the yacht the security of the loan agreement.

Typically, this type of loan is popular because it allows you to enjoy a lower interest rate. You can also get a fixed interest rate. Even more, you can negotiate a repayment schedule reaching up to seven years. This way, you can better guarantee your financial convenience.

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This is a finance option that allows you to obtain the loan sum without providing any security for the loan. In this case, you negotiate with the lender of your choice without offering any security. You then access the funds, purchase the yacht and own it without any lien whatsoever on it.

In this instance, you request that the lender takes a higher risk. As such, this financing option typically attracts a higher interest rate. You can always opt for a fixed or variable interest rate based on your preference.

Even more, you can also negotiate a repayment schedule reaching as much as seven years. This way, you can fully guarantee your financial convenience.

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While yacht finance is more popular among private individuals, we do not rule out businesses who are looking to purchase a yacht. We also service business needs by providing a wide range of commercial finance solutions. Our commercial yacht finance options for businesses include:

At Fisher Yachts, our commercial finance option for the purchase of our yacht includes the chattel mortgage option. This is similar to the secured yacht finance under the personal category. However, in this case, the subject of the chattel mortgage agreement is the yacht in question.

Under this finance option, the lender agrees to provide the money that you require to complete the purchase. In return, you agree to enter into a mortgage agreement with the lender after the purchase. As stated earlier, the subject matter of the mortgage is the yacht.

Still, you retain ownership in the property, and all the lender has is merely a lien. Once you complete payment, you extinguish the lien on the property.

This is a finance option that allows you to enjoy possession of the property rather than ownership. However, the agreement provides you with an option to purchase the property at the end of the agreement. Once you complete the payment, you then gain ownership of the yacht.

We also offer yacht leasing to businesses who are interested in financing yacht purchase for business purpose. This finance option allows businesses to obtain the yacht for a duration. In this case, ownership of the yacht remains with the lender. Then, the business makes a regular payment as agreed upon under the agreement.

At the end of the agreed duration├č, the business has the opportunity to negotiate the purchase of the yacht at its residual value. Note that this option is different from the commercial hire purchase as the business does not have a right to purchase.

At Fisher Yachts, we are passionate about your financial convenience. So, we ensure we have the best and most convenient financial options available for you. Contact us today to get started.